How Do You Install SIPs Panels?

How Do You Install SIPs Panels?

Begin SIPs roof panel installation by assembling the panels on the ground. Hoist the panels, and seal properly to prevent air leaks. Keep the panels dry when stored on-site.

  1. Prepare the panels

    Begin with assembling the roofing panels on the ground. Study the installation drawings before installing splines, lumber and assembling multiple panels where applicable.

  2. Hoist the panels into position

    Hoist the panels to the installation location on the roof using steel lifting plates.

  3. Connect the panels

    Connect the panels, ensuring that they are well-sealed to prevent air leaks. Refer to the construction details on how to best connect and seal the panels. Contact the manufacturer before field-trimming panels to get an exact fit.

  4. Fasten the panels

    Fasten the panels to the walls, bearing, trusses and beams of the structure after installation. Fill the gaps with vapor tape or foam sealant.

  5. Install the underlayment

    Install the correct underlayment for roofing and siding. Install insect clips and flashing to deter termites and carpenter ants.

  6. Install the roofing

    Install the roofing starting in the valleys or corners and working your way out. Be sure to use high-quality roofing and siding. High-performance asphalt shingles work best for SIPs panels. Options for siding materials include fiber-cement, brick, wood, vinyl and tile.

  7. Do the electrical work

    Plan for electrical installation before the panels are mounted to make work easier.