How Do You Install a Sink?


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Install a sink by first marking its location on the counter top. Next, make an opening for the sink and install the faucet. Attach a strainer, connect your water supply and the drains, and finally clean up.

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  1. Create an opening for the sink

    Mark the back edge of the counter to ensure the sink is centered. Align your template with the mark and set its back edge one-and-a-half inches from, and parallel to, the counter top. Trace around it. Connect your marks, and round off the edges. Next, drill a hold inside the radius of each cut-out line on the corners. Finally, use a jigsaw blade to cut along your cut-out lines.

  2. Install the faucet

    Overturn the sink, and feed the faucet tubing through the gasket. Screw the mounting nuts to support the faucet. Make sure it has full mobility before tightening the nuts. Next, use plumbers putty under the lip of the strainer to help push it through the drain hole. Tighten the locknut thoroughly, and attach the gasket to the strainer.

  3. Connect your drains

    Stick a ball of silicone caulk into the lip of the sink, and set it into the counter top. Next, connect the sink to shut-off valves using steel hoses. Assemble the draining system using cut PVC pipe. Clean and swab with PVC cement when connecting the pipes to the sink. Finally, attach a dishwasher drain with a hose clamp and a screwdriver.

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