How Do You Install a Single-Ply Membrane Roof?


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To install single-ply roofing membrane, such as ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM, prepare the surface of the roof, and mark the wall and roof to indicate the boundary of the roofing material. Lay the material flat for one hour to remove wrinkles, and install termination tape along the boundaries. Apply adhesive to the roof and the underside of the material. After the adhesive is sticky, press the membrane into place, and seal the membrane to the termination tape.

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To prepare the roof, reset any nails that extend above the roof's surface, fill gaps larger than 1/4 inch with caulking, install metal flashing around fixtures, and install termination tape along the boundary lines. Set the material into place on the roof, and cut the material so it extends past overhangs by several inches, or extends onto adjoining walls by 12 inches, .

With the material in place, fold one half of the material back, and apply adhesive to the exposed section of roof and the underside of the material. Do not crease the material. Smooth the material onto the roof, removing air pockets as needed, and remove the backing from the termination tape. Use a roller to seal the material to the termination tape.

Refer to the manufacturer's instructions when installing single-ply roofing, as the instructions can vary significantly for each type of roofing material.

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