How Do You Install a Silt Fence?


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To install a silt fence, place stakes at each corner to lay out the fence line, dig a trench, drive stakes around the fence line and attach the silt fence to the stakes. To complete the task, you need a roll of string, a silt fence, wooden stakes, shovel, hammer and compactor.

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Start by placing posts 10 to 20 feet apart to lay the fence line. For the silt fence to work effectively, you need to partially bury it in a trench, which anchors the fence during heavy rains and prevents water from running under it. Dig a trench 12 to 24 inches wide and 8 to 12 inches deep. You may dig the trench around tree roots without cutting through them. You can make the trench fairly uniform, but this is not necessary.

Use a 2 to 5 pound sledgehammer to drive stakes 12 inches into the ground. Roll out the silt fence and place it on the side of the fence the hill. You should also allow between 8 and 12 inches of the silt fence to fold away in this direction. Attach the silt fence to the stakes using a heavy-duty staple gun.

Fill the space in front of the trench to hold it in place. Then, use a compactor to tap the soil to stabilize the silt fence installation. You may also fill the back of the stakes if you have extra dirt.

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