How Do You Install a Silicone Oven Liner?


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To install a silicone oven liner, cut it to the appropriate size and place it on the oven's bottom rack. After baking, take out the liner and wipe it clean.

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Many silicone oven liners are designed to fit standard ovens, but they may need to be trimmed for smaller ovens. Use a pair of scissors to cut the liner to the appropriate size. Before baking, slide it onto the bottom rack, ensuring there is no overhang, and place pans and dishes on the above rack or directly on the liner. Never place the liner directly on the bottom of the oven, and avoid using the liner in an oven with a heating element below the floor as this can trap heat and cause excessive temperatures that may damage the liner and the oven. Check the product's instructions to see the maximum temperature that the liner withstands.

Avoid using a silicone liner in an electric oven that has an exposed heating element, and never use it in conjunction with an aluminum foil liner. After the oven cools, take out the liner and wipe it down with a dry cloth or wash it with warm, soapy water. Many products can also be washed in the dishwasher. Keep in mind that oven liners restrict air flow in the oven and alter its temperature.

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