How Do You Install Siding That Looks Like Brick?


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To install faux brick siding, remove nails or screws that protrude from the exterior of the home, and install house wrap and a drainage mat if recommended by the siding manufacturer. Cut the connectors off the right side of a piece of siding, place the siding in the right-hand, bottommost corner of the wall, and secure it with adhesive and screws. Continue adding pieces of siding until the end of the first row.

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Before securing the first panel, use a level to ensure the panel is even. At the end of the first row, cut a piece of siding to fit the remaining space if a full-sized panel is too large.

Apply adhesive to each piece of siding as it is added, and screw each piece of siding into place. To begin the second row of siding, place the cut edge of the siding along the edge of the wall, and connect the siding to the first row using the connectors.

Continue adding rows of siding until the wall is covered, and spread textured caulking along the seams and over each screw head. Remove excess caulking with your finger, and use a dampened paint brush handle to blend the caulking into the faux mortar on the siding.

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