How Do You Install Siding on Your House?


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To install siding on your house, clear the house's sides of plants and other hardware, attach furring strips around the doors and windows, and weatherproof the sides. Then, install the starter strip at the bottom of the walls, and attach the corner posts. Install the first siding board over the starter strip, and the others with a slight overlap. Finally, seal the seams.

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Attach the furring strips around the doors and windows using nails. Keep a gap of 1/4 inches between each strip. To weatherproof the house's sides, affix builder's felt over them using 1/2-inch staples. Place the felt beneath the corner boards and the door and window casings.

Install the starter strip, first at the back of the house and then on the other sides. Install just over the water table, and nail the strip to alternate wall studs. Ensure that the strip is leveled. Then, attach the corner posts to the side seams. Place J-channels on the sides of the posts, under sloped eaves and above the doors and windows. For horizontal eaves, use under-sill trims.

After nailing the first siding board, overlap the subsequent boards by 1 to 1-1/4 inches. Cut the boards to size at the doors and windows. Finish the installation by applying caulking sealant around the windows and doors and at the boards on the corners.

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