How Do You Install Siding Corners?


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Install vinyl siding corners before installing any of the other siding. Place the corner over the building corner and nail it into the center of the nail slot to allow for expansion due to temperature change. Use galvanized shingle nails to avoid rust. Also, when installing vinyl corners, overlap any joint seams so they shed water. Cut corner posts along roofs shorter so they do not obstruct the J-channel trim.

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To address wood siding corners, you can miter the edges of the siding so the pieces meet at a 45-degree angle at any corner. Secure each side of the corner of the wood siding with galvanized nails. To prevent wood rot, treat the mitered edges of the siding with a water-repellent preservative prior to installation.

Another popular option for siding corners are metal corners. After you install the siding, you install the metal corner pieces over the corner of the building. Place a metal corner over the installed siding, and nail it into place with two galvanized nails for each side of the corner. This corner finishing technique allows you to skip mitering the edges of the siding.

You can install a butt joint at the corner of the building before installing siding. To create a butt joint, use two pieces of 1 1/8-inch or 1 3/8-inch thick wood. Install one piece of the wood so it is flush with the corner of the building by nailing it into place with galvanized nails. Then, install the other piece of wood so it overlaps the building corner and ends flush with the face of the first piece of wood to form a corner.

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