How Do You Install a Shunt Trip Breaker?


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To install a shunt trip breaker, slide shunt trip circuits into slots until the retaining clip snaps into the trip unit, with the actuator lying above the crossbar. Reattach the load end cover, handle and handler barrier. To do this, you need a shunt trip, the breaker, a pair of needle nose pliers, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

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Keep your screws and wires in order throughout the procedure to avoid any confusion. Always check your terminals and connections prior to beginning to ensure the best, most accurate result.

Always de-energize your circuits before installation. Your breaker must be in the tripped position when you install it. Before you can install, you need to remove the load end cover screws, mounting screws, load end cover, handle and handler barrier. Only detach the load end cover, keeping the other end covered.

Position the handle barrier so that the handle opening is aligned with the handle and that all leads are clear of the cover before reattaching anything. You can check continuity by flipping the circuit breaker handle from off to on and checking the ohm count. If the shunt trip breaker is appropriately attached, you should see fewer than 9,000 ohms emitted.

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