How do you install shower pivot doors?


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To install shower pivot doors, affix the bracket of the pivot to the shower's threshold and the wall jamb's top, caulk the threshold track in place, and install the wall channels of the pivot to the shower's lower track. Then, position the shower door in the brackets, affix the door jamb on the opposite wall, and position the end caps of the channels.

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Begin installing shower pivot doors by measuring the length of the shower threshold using a tape measure. Use this measurement to cut the track of the threshold to size using a hacksaw.

To install the pivot bracket on the shower's threshold, put silicone caulk on the reverse side of the pivot, place the bracket on the shower's lower ledge, and screw the bracket in place with a screwdriver. Affix the bracket to the wall jamb's top by screwing it in place.

To attach the threshold track, put silicone caulk on its reverse side, position it on the threshold so that its higher side faces the shower's outside, apply caulk on the threshold's edges, and smooth it. Let the caulk dry overnight.

When installing the wall channels of the pivot, ensure that it is positioned straight and plumb using a level. Mark the channels' position and its screw holes. To drill the holes, tape masking tape over them, and drill in the wall using a masonry bit. For tiled showers, insert wall anchors in the holes using a rubber mallet.

Take someone's assistance when positioning the shower door in its brackets. To affix a magnetic door jamb, use screws, and remove its seal using a utility knife. After placing the end caps on the channels' ends, attach the handles of the door.

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