How Do You Install a Shower Pan?


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Install a shower pan by attaching cement board underneath, continuing to position the pan over the drain hole and then installing the drain assembly. This process requires a circular saw, reciprocating saw, drill, hammer, measuring tape and pencil. The entire process should take less than half a day.

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  1. Lay the cement board underlayment

    Make sure the floor area on which the shower pan is to be installed is level. Apply a generous amount of construction adhesive to the back of the cement board underlayment. Press the cement board into place over the drainpipe. Use cement board screws to attach the board to the floor.

  2. Cut off the excess drainpipe

    Use the reciprocating saw to cut the drainpipe flush with the top of the cement board.

  3. Place the shower pan over the drainpipe

    Apply construction adhesive to the bottom of the shower pan around the cleats and the drain hole. Lift the shower pan over the drainpipe, and gently place it on the floor. Press down on the shower pan until it sits correctly, attaching it to the wall studs if needed.

  4. Install the drain assembly

    Place the rubber ring on top of the drainpipe. Position the drain cover on top of the rubber ring, dropping it into place.

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