How Do You Install a Shower Head?


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To install a shower head, remove the old one, wrap Teflon tape around the threads of the shower stem, attach a diverter to the stem, and screw the shower head onto one end of the diverter. Wrap the diverter's other end with Teflon tape, and secure the hose attachment.

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  1. Remove the old shower head

    Unscrew the old shower head. If you cannot turn it by hand, use pliers to remove it. Dip a cotton rag in paint thinner, and wipe the threads of the shower stem to remove any plumber's putty or tape.

  2. Prepare the shower stem

    Apply Teflon tape to the thread end of the shower stem, and wrap it around in the same direction that the fixture is attached. To prevent leaks, avoid wrapping the tape in the opposite direction.

  3. Install the diverter

    Screw the diverter onto the shower stem by hand, and then lightly tighten it with a wrench.

  4. Install the shower head

    Position and install the washer inside the neck of shower head. Attach the shower head to one end of the diverter, and then tighten it by hand

  5. Secure the hose attachment

    Wrap the open end of the diverter with Teflon tape, and secure the hose attachment with a second shower head.

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