How Do You Install a Shower Grab Bar?


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The process of installing a shower grab bar involves locating and marking the wall studs, drilling mounting screws and then installing the bar. Use flange covers to protect the mounting hardware and wall-mounted anchors to allow for installations in locations where mounting the bar to the studs is not possible. Always ensure the bar is properly positioned and at the right height and angle before mounting.

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Measure and mark the mounting location on the bathroom wall using painter's tape and use a stud finder to locate wall studs. Using the mounting flange as a guide, mark the pilot hole positions over the stud. When mounting a bar to drywall, drill holes slightly smaller than the mounting screw. After drilling the pilot hole, double-check the position to ensure the stud is on the other side. Drive the mounting screws through the mounting flanges and into the wall.

After fastening the mounting flanges at both ends, tighten the screws until they are finger-tight and then apply an additional half-turn. Position any covers over the mounting flanges and then apply weight to the bar to test its strength. Use two toggle-bolt anchors of the appropriate size and weight rating to support the upper half of the flange when mounting a bar to drywall.

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