How Do You Install a Shower Arm Extender?


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Installing a shower arm extension involves removing an old shower arm extension and attaching a new arm extension in the place of the old one. Use a pipe wrench, a rag and WD-40 lubricant to complete this task.

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Start by disconnecting the water supply to the arm. To do this, locate the shut-off valve, and turn it off. Disconnect the water supply to the entire house in case you're not able to locate the valve.

Wrap the arm extension with the rag to facilitate a tight grip, and unscrew the shower head off the arm. Using the pipe wrench, detach the extension from the arm by turning the extension counter-clockwise, taking care to hold the shower arm tightly in place with one hand. If the extension fails to disconnect from the arm easily, apply the lubricant to the joint to soften the hard water and mineral deposits in the joint, and allow the lubricant to sit on the joint for a few hours before removing the extension. Clear any dirt, debris and other foreign material from the arm before installing the new extension.

To install the extension, attach the extension to the arm, and turn it clockwise with your hand until it turns no more. Tighten the joint by turning the extension further with the wrench, taking care to hold the arm in place with another hand. Finally, replace the shower head, and reconnect the water supply.

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