How Do You Install Shingles?

How Do You Install Shingles?

To install roof shingles, cover the roof with felt, install flashing, place cut shingles around the perimeter, shingle the remaining roof, apply tar, and install peak vents. The supplies you need are a ladder, shingles, felt, flashing, tin snips, a nail gun, nails, tar, vents and a trowel.

  1. Cover the roof with felt

    Cover the roof with horizontal strips of roofing felt. Secure the felt with roofing nails.

  2. Install metal flashing

    Cut pieces of metal flashing to fit the chimneys and vents. Fold the pieces in half lengthwise, unfold them, and place them around the base of each chimney and vent. Secure the flashing with nails.

  3. Shingle the perimeter

    Cut the upper 2 inches off of a shingle, and nail it to the bottom edge of the roof so that there is a 2-inch overhang. Use this technique to install all of the shingles along the perimeter.

  4. Shingle the rest of the roof

    Cover the rest of the roof with parallel horizontal rows of uncut shingles. Each shingle must slightly overlap the one below it. Drive three nails into each shingle.

  5. Apply roofing tar

    Spread roofing tar around the chimneys, pipes and vents. Let the tar dry according to the manufacturer's directions.

  6. Install peak vents

    Nail vents across the roof peak.