How Do You Install Shelving in the Garage?


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To install shelving in a garage, choose the type of equipment to use, choose the location, mark the anchor positions, and then install the standards. Finish by inserting the brackets and placing the shelves.

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To install the standards, drill a hole into the drywall, and then insert the anchor or butterfly bolt, depending on the chosen equipment. The anchor is removable in the future; the butterfly bolt is not. Place the standards against the wall, and measure how far the shelves must sit from the floor and ceiling. Measure the length of the shelves, ensuring that there are at least 8 inches of overhang from each standard.

Hold the standard to the wall, ensure it is level on all sides, and then mark the spots for the anchor. Use a stud finder to check on stud location so the anchors can get through the wall. Secure the anchors at those spots, and then hold each standard in place. Check to ensure each standard is level, and then insert the screws into the anchors to secure the standards.

When the standards are secure, attach the brackets into the slots, and then tap the brackets with a hammer to secure them. Make sure the standards and brackets are secure, place the shelves over the brackets, and then gently push on them to test for strength.

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