How Do You Install Sheetrock?

How Do You Install Sheetrock?

To install sheetrock, measure the space you plan to sheetrock, and cut the sheet to the correct size. Secure the sheetrock to the wall with screws, and fill in the joints and corners with joint compound to ensure a smooth surface. This process takes at least three days.

  1. Measure the wall

    Measure the area you want to sheetrock, and cut the sheet 1/4-inch smaller than the area. Cut the sheet so that its end lands in the middle of a joist or strapping piece to ensure secure installation.

  2. Install the sheetrock

    Place the sheetrock on the wall to be covered, and insert a screw in the middle of the sheet. Working from the middle of the sheetrock toward the ends, continue securing the sheetrock to all the wall, making sure the studs are 16-inches apart.

  3. Install a metal corner bead

    Protect all corners from damage my installing metal corner beads.

  4. Apply drywall tape

    Apply joint compound to all joints, corners and edges of the installed drywall using a joint knife. Then, place drywall tape on all the joints, and go over the tape with the joint knife to push the tape into the joint compound.

  5. Finish with joint compound

    After the first layer of joint compound and tape has dried overnight, add second and third coats on all joints, allowing them to dry completely overnight between applications. Sand the surface smooth after the third application has dried overnight.