How Do You Install a Shallow Well Pump?

How Do You Install a Shallow Well Pump?

To install a shallow well pump, clear the well of dirt, lower the pipe into the well, and attach the pump. Once the pump is in place, connect the ground and power lines to the switch, and test the pump before connecting it to the tank and outlet valve.

  1. Clean the well

    Remove any dirt or debris from the well, and make sure the water is running clear. If the well is freshly drilled, the drilling company may have already flushed and cleared it.

  2. Lower the pipe

    Secure the foot valve to the first section of the pipe. With the foot valve going first, lower the pipe into the well until the top of the pipe is aligned with the top of the well casing. Install another portion of the pipe. Continue lowering the pipe, adding additional sections until you reach the desired depth.

  3. Install the pump

    Using a well seal, seal the well casing. Attach the suction pipe to the pump.

  4. Test the pump

    Connect the ground and power lines to the switch on the pump. To prime the pump, fill the pump housing and pipe with water. Turn the power on to test the motor, and wait for the water to flow. Once the water runs clear, turn off the power.

  5. Complete the installation process

    Attach the pump outlet to the outlet valve, followed by the pressure tank. Adjust the outlet valve so that it opens, and turn the power back on.