How Do You Install Self-Stick Floor Tiles?

How Do You Install Self-Stick Floor Tiles?

To install self-stick floor tiles, remove the paper backing from the first tile, and place it in the center of the room. Press down on the tile so it adheres to the floor completely. Continue placing tiles to cover the entire floor.

Prior to installing self-stick floor tiles, sweep the floor to remove dust and debris. Mop the floor with a mixture of water and ammonia. Allow the floor to dry completely.

Determine the center of the room by first measuring and marking the center of each wall. Snap a chalk line from one wall to the opposing wall to create a line on the floor. Snap another chalk line from the opposing walls to create four equal quadrants and crosshairs in the center of the room. Line up one of the floor tile corners with one of the angles on the crosshairs.

Lay floor tiles in one quadrant at a time. Use the arrows printed on the back of the tiles to position correctly. Use a rolling pin or your hands to ensure the floor tiles completely adhere to the surface.

Most self-stick floor tiles adhere to floor underlayment or to vinyl tile surfaces. Use a tile cutter or strong pair of shears to cut tiles to fit around door jams, heat registers and other fixed objects in the room.