How Do You Install Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles?


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Install self-adhesive floor tiles by cleaning the floor, finding the center of the room and marking perpendicular lines that intersect at the center, and aligning the marks. Cut the edge tiles to fit and add trim to cover the raw edges. Self-adhesive tile eliminates the need to apply glue to the floor with a trowel.

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A clean floor is essential for proper adhesion of the tiles. Concrete floors must be clean, smooth and dry before you begin the process. When installing over older vinyl, the flooring should be in good condition and smooth. If the floor is not smooth, use a coat of skim coat embosser and straight trowel. If it is in poor condition or too rough for the embosser, apply new underlayment using 1/4-inch plywood.

Laying the tile from the center of the room results in a floor that is more visually appealing than one that starts at the edge of the room. Once the two intersecting marks are in place, lay the tile along the lines to the edges of the room without removing the backing. Make minor adjustments as necessary to reduce the number of tiles requiring cutting.

Peel the backing of the tile and align it with the adjusted marks. Work in each of the quadrants, ensuring the tiles remain aligned. Use a flooring roller or a rolling pin to adhere the tiles to the floor after installing several rows.

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