How Do You Install Security Bars Over Windows?


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Installing security bars over windows involves obtaining security bars that suit your windows and attaching the bars onto the window frames with screws. On top of the security bars, you need a tape measure, a drill, drill bits, a screwdriver and security screws to complete this task.

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To obtain suitable security bars, use the tape measure to determine the size of the windows on which you intend to install the security bars, taking care to record the measurements for reference purposes. Next, take the measurements to the shop that sells the bars, and buy bars according to the measurements. You may also ask the security bar manufacturer to customize the bars to your preference.

Before attaching a security bar on the frame, first make the security screw holes. To do this, lift the bar, hold it against the window frame where you intend to install it, and mark the holes on the window frame. Set the bar down, fix the drill bit onto the drill, and use the drill to make holes at the marked spots. To attach the bar, hold it against the frame, align it with the screw holes, and secure it in place with the security screws using the screwdriver. Attach the remaining security bars in a similar way to complete the process.

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