How Do You Install Sectional Garage Doors?

How Do You Install Sectional Garage Doors?

Install sectional garage doors by installing the tracks and then the individual sections. Connect the sections with hinges. After installing the door, add the garage door opener and test the unit.

Measure the garage door opening to ensure the proper size door. Place the first section upright in the door and adjust it to the left or right to center it. Use this section to guide the track installation. Consult the manufacturer's directions, and determine if you should attach the lift cable before adding more sections.

Slide each subsequent section into the track, and use the bolts the manufacturer supplies to connect the hinge to the new section. Repeat the process with each section until you install the complete door. Install the rear hanger brackets after installing all panels.

Install the door springs. Options include springs that run parallel with the door tracks or those that run parallel with the header. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the type of springs it includes with the door.

If you choose to install an automatic garage door opener, do so after installing the door. The automatic opener requires running power to the center of the garage ceiling and attaching hardware to the door and ceiling.