How Do You Install a Schlage Door Lock?

How Do You Install a Schlage Door Lock?

Steps for installing a Schlage door lock include cutting the lock opening and adding the lock. Many door manufacturers make the process easier by providing doors that are predrilled.

If the door is not lock-ready, use the lock manufacturer's template for marking the center of the lock housing on the side of the door and the deadbolt on the edge. Install the deadbolt approximately 6 inches above the doorknob.

Use a small bit in an electric drill to create a pilot hole for the lock opening. Replace the bit with an appropriate size hole saw and cut the round opening into the side of the door. Remove the hole saw from the drill and install an appropriate sized spade bit into the motor to cut the opening for the deadbolt.

Insert the deadbolt cartridge in the hole drilled in the edge of the door. Install the inside and outside portions through the cartridge with the keyhole on the outside of the door. Insert the screws and tighten the lock assembly in the door.

Mark the location for the strike plate and use a wood chisel to mortise the plate into the doorframe. Drill the opening for the bolt to enter the doorframe. Insert the bolt receptacle into the frame and tighten the strike plate in place.