How Do You Install a Samsung Dryer?


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To install a Samsung dryer, use a ducting tube to connect the exhaust outlet to the outtake constructed into the home or apartment wall. Ducting with hard walls can be an alternative for flexible ducting. Avoid ducting with a plastic or foil style.

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Place the dryer close to the dryer vent outtake, and ensure that the tubing is short and straight to avoid the accumulation of lint in the exhaust system. Lint build-up poses a risk of starting a fire as dryer lint is considered extremely flammable. Enable the dryer to function efficiently by maintaining adequate clearances in the front, sides and back of the dryer.

Choose a 4-inch ducting tube made from galvanized steel or aluminum, or select a ducting tube with a tough structure to reduce risks of collapsing and accumulating lint. After attaching the vent ducting, plug the dryer into a three-pronged outlet.

When installing a Samsung steam dryer, prepare a Y connector for separating the water flow. Fasten the connector’s straight end to the laundry room’s cold-water faucet. Connect the dryer water hose’s straight end to the Y connector, and secure its angled end to the valve found below the dryer. The Y connector’s other side should be used to connect the washing machine to the cold-water faucet.

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