How Do You Install Rubber Door Strips Properly?

How Do You Install Rubber Door Strips Properly?

To install rubber door strips or weather strips on a door, remove the old strips, clean the area where the strip was attached to the door, apply silicone caulk and then add the new strip, advises Make sure the new tubing is clean and free from dust prior to installing. This ensures proper adhesion.

Replacing weather-stripping can add energy efficiency to the home, notes To replace the stripping on a door, gather a tape measure, caulk gun, pry bar, rags, safety glasses and a utility knife along with new tubing, neutral-cure silicone caulk and solvent cleaner. Follow the steps below for proper installation.

  1. Put on protective eyewear and get materials ready
  2. Don protective eyewear or safety goggles to prevent injuries during the removal of the old strips and attachment of the new ones. Gather all necessary supplies for the project.

  3. Remove the old stripping
  4. Begin by prying off all of the old weather stripping. Fill in any nail holes, and repaint the doorjamb if desired. Clean the area with solvent cleaner. Allow it to dry, and then apply a thin bead of silicone caulk on the jamb offset's inside corner.

  5. Install the new stripping
  6. Press the new weather strip tubing into the wet caulk, using scissors to trim any excess. At the corner, butt the tubing to ensure a good seal. Allow the caulk to dry before fully closing the door.