How Do You Install a Rooftop Dryer Vent?


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To install a rooftop dryer vent, determine the length and route of the duct, drill a hole in the roof and attach the roof vent cap. When choosing a duct path, choose the shortest route possible while avoiding obstructions, and use a roof vent if it is the only possible option. The duct should be no longer than 25 feet, subtracting 5 feet for every necessary 90-degree angle.

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  1. Find the path
  2. Determine the shortest path to vent the dryer and measure the necessary length of duct required. Purchase the duct fittings and outdoor cap in either aluminum or galvanized steel.

  3. Drill to the exterior
  4. Mark the intended spot for the vent and drill a test hole to the exterior with a 1/4-inch drill bit. Adjust the hole if necessary and use a 4 1/4-inch hole saw bit to drill from the outside in. Then insert the vent and attach the vent cap. Use caulk to seal around the vent and cap.

  5. Install the interior venting
  6. Cut the first interior section and close the seam. Then tape on the elbow joint with metal foil tape and attach the vent to the dryer. Push the dryer to the wall and cut and attach the remaining vent sections. Use metal foil tape around the elbow joint and the exterior duct cap section, and then attach the vent to the wall with metal pipe straps.

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