How Do You Install Roman Blinds?


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To install Roman blinds, measure the window cavity and mark the points for mounting brackets. Hang the blind in the cavity and tie up the blind cord to avoid accidents.

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How Do You Install Roman Blinds?
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Measure the window cavity to establish the area that the blinds should cover. You may trim the blinds to fit or buy them in standard sizes. The blinds should have a width that is 60mm less than the cavity’s width and 15mm to 30mm longer than the height of the cavity.

Mark the points for mounting brackets for the blinds and pre-drill screw holes. Choose a point that is far enough away from the surface of glass, leaving room for the blinds to gather when you raise them. Screw the brackets in place. You may want to add in an extra bracket, because roman blinds can be heavy, suggests Bunnings.

To hang the blinds in the cavity, begin by clipping the blinds into the central bracket before working your way to the other brackets. Once you have secured the blinds in place, install a cleat to hold the blind cord off the floor. Given that blind cords can be a choking hazard, tie them up out of children’s reach. Do this by screwing a cleat onto the inside window frame about 1600mm off the floor before tying your blind cord.

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