How Do You Install Rolled Roofing?

Install rolled roofing by choosing a day when temperatures are at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit, preparing the surface, installing the drip edge and completing the first row. Continue adding additional rows to complete the roof.

  1. Choose a warm day

    Rolled roofing becomes stiff and difficult to work when temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Install the material when the weather makes installation easier.

  2. Prepare the surface

    Sweep the underlay to ensure it is clean before installing the roofing. Check nails or screws that hold the decking in place. Each fastener should be slightly below the surface of the decking. Use a hammer or screwdriver to tighten any fasteners that are above this level.

  3. Install the drip edge

    Use roofing adhesive to install the drip edge.

  4. Install the first row

    Measure 35 inches from the bottom of the drip edge at each end of the roof and mark the distance. Use a chalk box to snap a line between the two marks. Roll out the first course of roofing, align it with the mark, and nail it into place.

  5. Continue adding rows

    Spread approximately 2 inches of roofing cement along the edges of the first row to cover the nails. Repeat the 35-inch chalk mark from the top of this row and install a second row, covering nails with roofing cement. Continue this process until the roof is complete.