How Do You Install Roll-up Porch Shades?


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To install roll-up shades, determine the size you need the shades to be, and buy them. Attach the necessary hardware, such as a headrail or picture hooks. Hang the shade onto the hardware, and pull the shade up and down several times to ensure that it works correctly.

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Most of the shades are 4, 6 or 8 feet wide and 6 feet long. If you can't use these sizes, check to see if the manufacturer can make the shade in a different size. This may cost more than buying shades in a standard size.

If the shade is attached to a headrail when you purchase it, measure the length of the headrail and the distance between the attachment spots. Mark these spots on the hanging location. Install the headrail to the wall using the included screws. Attach one end of the rail, make sure that it is leveled, and attach the other end.

If the shade isn't attached to a headrail, attach it using three picture hooks and the support brackets on the shade. Measure the distances between the brackets, mark them on the hanging location, and attach picture hooks in the marked places. Hang up the shade by attaching the support brackets to the picture hooks. If the shade is not hanging straight, remove it, and adjust the hooks.

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