How Do You Install a Roll-up Metal Door?


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To install a roll-up metal door, unpack the roll-up door, check the wall opening, position the door and parts, install the brackets and lift the door assembly. It is important to guide the brackets to the jams. Next, set the initial spring tension and install the roll-up door head stops, stop clips, handles and pull rope. Finally, check the roll-up door operation and adjust the spring tension.

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Roll-up doors generally arrive packed in cardboard. Remove the cardboard, but do not cut the plastic wrap or tape that holds the door in a roll until after lifting the roll-up door assembly. To check the roll-up door wall opening, verify the measurements of the width and height against the size of the door, and be sure that the jambs are plumb and for adequate floor, header and side clearance.

Note that the factory pre-assembles all brackets, springs, tensioner and curtain-mounted latches. The locking tab must fully engage with the bracket notch or the door may fall during installation. Also note that two installers must lift the door assembly into position against the jambs.

In preparation to install a roll-up metal door, read the installation instructions thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the names of the components and their relationships with one another. The necessary tools for each type of roll-up door installation vary, but commonly include an electric drill, masonry drill, chain hoist, scaffolding, hammer and wrenches.

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