How Do You Install Roll-Out Garage Flooring?


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Installing roll-out garage flooring involves rolling out and spreading the flooring material over the garage floor surface, trimming the material, and taping the flooring joints. Other than the roll-out garage flooring material, you need seam tape, a flooring roller, a utility knife and a putty knife to complete this task.

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Place the roll over the garage floor, and open it. Allow the material to sit on the floor for a couple of days so it becomes flat and does not roll back. Next, lay the material so that it covers the entire surface, cutting the material with the utility knife as needed around any objects on the floor. Once the material is properly laid, flatten it to eliminate creases and air bubbles by passing the roller on top.

Next, use the putty knife to sink the entire edge of the flooring into the intersection point between the garage wall and the garage floor before chopping off surplus material with the utility knife right along the intersection, leaving some excess flooring at the doorway. Finally, secure the flooring seams together by applying the seam tape beneath the seams and pressing the seams against the tape before passing the roller over the seam.

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