How Do You Install a Retractable Awning?

How Do You Install a Retractable Awning?

Install a retractable awning by marking the location where the canopy will be placed, attaching the mounting brackets and securing the awning onto the brackets, instructs For retractable awnings equipped with a motor, homeowners can plug the cable into a power outlet and control the awning's movement via remote access.

Retractable awnings are roof-like structures suspended or attached on a patio or deck area to provide protection from direct sunlight. These overhanging shelters typically come in large enough sizes to offer coverage for up to 10 feet, notes To install a retractable awning on the side of a house properly, follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare the materials needed for the project
  2. Gather the tools and supplies required for the installation process, including the awning, mounting brackets, chalk line and bolts.

  3. Mark the position where the awning will be installed
  4. Create a visible guide on the surface where the frame will be mounted. Use a chalk line to ensure that the layout is straight.

  5. Attach the support brackets
  6. Affix the mounting brackets onto the surface with the chalk line as a guide. Check and verify that the brackets are properly seated.

  7. Secure the awning
  8. Hoist the awning into place. Fasten the awning onto the frame by bolting it in.