How Do You Install Residential Security Lighting?

How Do You Install Residential Security Lighting?

Install residential security lighting by turning off the breaker to the existing light and removing it from the wall or ceiling. Attach the new fixture by connecting the wires of the same color together, and attach the fixture to the box that came with the light.

Installing new residential security lighting gives homeowners peace of mind by providing lighting when they come home at night or when something moves outside. Always check bare wires with a voltage meter before beginning this project. Follow the steps below to install security lighting.

  1. Turn on the existing light
  2. Turn on the existing outside light. Then, shut off the circuit breaker to that light and make sure it turns off.

  3. Remove the light fixture
  4. Remove the existing light fixture. Unscrew the wire nuts holding the wires of the fixture together.

  5. Attach a new bracket
  6. Attach the new bracket that supports the new fixture.

  7. Attach the wires
  8. Pair up the wires and attach one wire with the corresponding wire of the same color. Hold them in place with wire nuts.

  9. Attach the fixture
  10. Attach the new fixture, making sure to use the rubber gasket, if applicable.

  11. Set the light
  12. Following the manufacturer's directions, set the light's sensitivity and duration.

Turn the breaker back on and check the light. Adjust it as necessary.