How Do You Install a Replacement Shed Roof?


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To replace a shingled shed roof, begin at the top of the roof and work downwards using a pry bar to completely remove the existing shingles, felt and any nails. Next, starting at the bottom left, place the new felt so that it is flush with the edge of the roof, then nail it down as you go. Finally, begin placing and nailing the shingles, starting again in the bottom left, making sure to stagger and overlap each row.

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How Do You Install a Replacement Shed Roof?
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Proper preparation can help to ensure that the replacement job goes smoothly. Make sure to carefully measure the roof and identify exactly how many shingles will be necessary. Cut the shingles that will go on the sides in advance. Similarly, make sure the felt is cut so that it will lie flush with the edges of the roof.

Ladder safety is important when replacing a shed roof, even if the shed is relatively small. Make sure the bottom of the ladder is always situated on firm, even ground; ideally, the ladder should be placed at a 75.5-degree angle. This is roughly 1 foot away from the shed wall for every 4 feet of height. Wear shoes with good traction to help prevent slipping. Reposition the ladder regularly so that it is never necessary to lean significantly.

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