How Do You Install Replacement Rubber Feet on an Appliance?


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Install replacement rubber feet on an appliance by purchasing the appropriate replacement feet, lifting the appliance and removing the old rubber feet. Then, clean the rubber foot area, and install the replacements. The exact process for installing replacement rubber feet depends on the appliance, its weight, and the way the rubber feet attach to the machine.

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Install replacement rubber feet on a washing machine by first purchasing the replacement feet from a certified retailer. Typically, the best option is to buy the feet directly from the washing machine company. However, retailers such as Amazon sell generic rubber pads that fit most washers.

After purchasing the feet, lift the washing machine onto its back or side. Then, remove the existing rubber feet. Install the replacement rubber feet with adhesive or screws, depending on the make and model of the machine. Replace the washing machine on the floor, and make any necessary adjustments to the feet to ensure the machine is level.

Follow the same steps to install replacement rubber feet on a dryer.

Install replacement rubber feet on small kitchen appliances, such as blenders and stand mixers, by first turning the appliance on its side and removing the old feet. Clean the area thoroughly to remove old food or grease that might prevent the new feet from sticking, and attach the replacements.

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