How Do You Install a Replacement Recliner Handle?


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Installing a replacement recliner handle requires removing the old handle, measuring the barrel and cable, ordering the appropriate replacement recliner handle, reinstalling the cable and attaching the handle. Customers may opt to order a universal handle or order a replacement from the manufacturer. Replacements can usually be ordered right from the maker's website.

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In order to install a replacement handle, follow the steps below.

  1. Consult the manufacturer
  2. Prior to installing a new recliner handle, owners may want to visit the chair manufacturer's website. The website offers genuine replacement parts that are compatible with the particular chair along with warranty information. If the chair is under warranty, the replacement costs and installation may possibly be covered by the manufacturer. Some websites such as La-Z-Boy.com provide informational how-to videos with instruction on how to install a replacement handle.

  3. Measure for replacement parts
  4. To determine the exact handle needed, turn the chair on its side with the handle facing up. Remove the handle and cable from the recliner, disconnect the cable by releasing the wire clip with a screwdriver and measure the cable from tip to the very end of the "S" shape. Measure the plastic sheath on the cable and subtract that number from the cable's length to determine the correct cable size. Once the replacement is obtained, reinstall the cable, wire clip and handle to the chair.

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