How Do You Install and Remove Whirlpool Oven Racks?


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To remove a rack from a Whirlpool oven, simply open the door, slide the rack outward until it reaches the stops, tilt it upwards, and carefully lift it out. To install a new rack, insert it into the guides with the tilted end towards the oven.

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Ensure that the oven is completely cool before opening the door of the oven, sliding the rack out and setting it to the side. Tilt the new rack at an angle when sliding it into the guides, push it straight in once it reaches the stops, and push it all the way to the back of the oven. This process may also be completed to change the location of the rack within the oven for different baking needs. If installing new oven racks, ensure that they are compatible with Whirlpool-manufactured ovens such as those by KitchenAid, Maytag and Kenmore. A number of racks are available for purchase on the official Whirlpool online parts store.

When using the self-cleaning feature on a Whirlpool oven, remove the oven racks to avoid permanently damaging the finish due to the function's high temperature usage. Instead, spray the racks with an oven cleaner, and place them in a garbage bag overnight. Take them out in the morning to rinse them off with soapy water.

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