How Do You Install a Recycled Exterior Door?

How Do You Install a Recycled Exterior Door?

In order to install a recycled exterior door, measure the door size and compare that measurement, rounded to the full inches, with the existing door or rough opening, which is the opening space minus the trim, before installing the door. If the door is not prehung or the trim does not provide an exact fit with the recycled door, the trim can be made or purchased and modified to accommodate the door size. It is important to have accurate measurements, especially for exterior doors that are intended to be airtight.

Follow the steps below to install a recycled exterior door.

  1. Remove the old door
  2. Tear out old the old door by removing the hinges and pins with a hammer and nail. If reusing the old frame and molding, take care in removal in order to avoid damage.

  3. Prepare the frame
  4. Build up the sill with shims to level, if necessary. Fasten them with coated deck screws and set the door in the opening to test the fit, making any necessary trims to the siding or casing with a circular saw or belt sander.

  5. Insulate and install
  6. Insulate the doorjamb and framing with minimal expanding insulating foam. Paint, stain and varnish the door, trim and jamb before reinstalling, if desired, and replace hinges and hardware.