How Do You Install Recessed Lights?

How Do You Install Recessed Lights?

Installing recessed lighting requires either the "new construction" method or retro fitting the lighting. The new construction method is suitable for mounting on open jousting by way of included brackets before surrounding the lights with new ceiling material. The retro fit method is for mounting in an existing ceiling. Before installing recessed lighting, turn off the breaker switch for the ceiling light to be replaced. Test to make sure all power is off to the switch with a non-contact electrical tester.

  1. Check for framing, and cut holes

    Mark the desired location for the lights on drywall. Drill a pilot hole through the center of the mark. Check in the attic for framing interference and relocate if necessary. When final location is determined, cut holes with a keyhole saw.

  2. Run wiring

    Connect the junction box to the recessed light with a length of 14/2 electrical cable. Staple the wire along the ceiling joists. Feed 12 inches of cable through the fixture connector and 12 inches into the junction box.

  3. Attach electrical connections

    Connect black and white wires to the corresponding colored wires at the fixture, wrapping the ground wire around the green screw in the lamp housing. Tighten all connections, and replace covers. Repeat this process at the junction box, stripping wires as necessary for length.

  4. Attach trim

    Push the fixture into the hole until the mounting tabs fit flush with the ceiling. Insert a bulb into the fixture, and snap on the trim. Turn on the breaker switch, and test the light.