How Do You Install Recessed Lighting?


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Installing recessed lighting requires either the "new construction" method or retro fitting the lighting. The new construction method is suitable for mounting on open jousting by way of included brackets before surrounding the lights with new ceiling material. The retro fit method is for mounting in an existing ceiling. Before starting the process, turn off the electricity at the main fuse box, and test wires to make sure they're off.

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The first step in retro fitting is planning where the lights will go. They are mounted between studs, so those must be located first. Next, outline a hole the diameter of the lights, either 4-inch, 5-inch or 6-inch. Cut along the line first with a utility knife, then with a drywall saw. Alternatively, use a hole cutting saw. Either way, be careful not to cut wiring already in the ceiling cavity.

Run cable from the power source to a switch box, then to the hole. Leave a minimum of 16 inches for wiring the light. Wire the light according to the enclosed instructions. Usually the light includes a pop-off plate into which the cable gets placed and clamped. Next, mount the light can into the hole in the ceiling. Typically the light kit includes four clips that attach the can to the ceiling. The clip snaps into place with a screwdriver. If necessary, patch the ceiling. Finally, add the trim. Normally the trim connects to the can with coil or rod springs.

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