How Do You Install a Rawl Bolt?

To install a rawl bolt, drill a hole into a concrete or brick wall, insert the rawl bolt and tighten the nut to allow the bolt's sleeve to expand. You need a power drill, a masonry bit, masking tape and a nut driver.

  1. Prepare the drill

    Select a masonry bit that has a carbide tip and is similar in size to the rawl bolt. Insert the bit into the drill, and adjust the drill's torque to its highest setting. Align the rawl bolt alongside the drill bit so that the tips are even. Use a piece of masking tape to mark the spot on the drill bit at which the top of the rawl bolt ends to indicate the depth at which the bit must be inserted into the wall.

  2. Drill the hole

    Hold the drill against the wall, and depress the trigger to drill forward in a slow manner. Pull out after 10 seconds before drilling forward once again. Continue until the masking tape meets the wall.

  3. Insert the rawl bolt

    Use your finger or compressed air, or simply blow into the hole to remove excess dust. Insert the rawl bolt into the hole. Use the nut driver to tighten the bolt to allow the bolt's sleeve to expand and secure itself to the inside of the wall.