How Do You Install Railroad Ties Under a Fence?

Bury railroad ties beneath a fence by digging an appropriate sized trench, placing the tie in the hole and backfilling with dirt. The railroad tie is an effective way to prevent a dog from digging under the fence. Depending on the size of the dog and extent of the digging, you can bury the tie completely or partially.

Dog owners often try various means of preventing their dog from digging under a fence. With large, strong breeds, laying large rocks or other materials against the inside of the fence is ineffective because the dog simply moves them aside to continue digging. The buried railroad tie is too heavy for the dog to move and too large for the pet to dig around or under.

The easiest time to place the railroad tie is before building the fence, leaving space between the ties for the installation of fence poles. With an already installed fence, owners have the choice of placing them adjacent to the fence on either side. Another option is placing the ties inside the fence on top of the ground and securing it with long pieces of reinforcement bars. However, this method is also labor intensive.

Dogs sometimes dig out of boredom. Owners can help to redirect this behavior by providing a digging pit in the middle of the yard.