How Do You Install Rack Shelving in a Basement?


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Install rack shelving in a basement by measuring the available space to purchase the appropriate shelving and support rods, cutting the shelves to the appropriate size and attaching the support rods directly to the basement walls. If the basement has concrete walls, first install drop-in anchors to avoid damaging the wall.

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Begin by deciding where to install the rack shelving in the basement, ensuring that there is enough overhead clearance and appropriate space in front to fit the unit. Measure the width of the space to determine how many shelving sections you are able to fit and the actual lengths of the shelves, if you are cutting custom shelves. Using pre-cut shelves requires you to measure the distance according to the length of each unit. Lay out the support rods and shelves in front of the wall to make sure there is enough space.

When dealing with concrete walls, use drop-in anchors to keep the wall intact and avoid losing sturdiness due to crumbling around the bolt entry point. Follow the installation instructions for the drop-in anchors, which may involve drilling a guide hole with a concrete drill bit on some models. Ensure that the anchors sit flush with the wall, with the female connector facing outward. Line up the support rods with the drop-in anchors and thread the bolts to hold them in place. Measure the distance for the second rod and drill in the remaining drop-in anchors to attach it.

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