How Do You Install a PVC Fence?


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To install a PVC fence, determine the fence measurements, dig post holes, install posts in the holes, install the rail bracket and rail hangers, insert the PVC panels into the brackets, and attach a fence gate. Applying adhesive to secure the tops of the posts in place completes the process.

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Using a measuring tape, measure various sections of the fence you intend to install, including the terminal post spacing and the gate space. Drive stakes into the ground at the locations of terminal posts. Dig 10-inch-diameter holes for the terminal posts. To enhance the stability of the posts, the hole should be a third of the post's height plus 4 inches.

To install fence posts, first place the terminal posts in the holes, and secure the posts in place by filling the holes with concrete, taking care to ensure that the post tops are level. Be sure to raise the base of each post by heaping more concrete around the post to prevent water logging around the base of the posts. Run a string through the tops of the terminal posts, dig holes for line posts with the guidance of the string, insert the line posts into the holes, and secure them with concrete.

Next, screw the PVC fencing rail brackets onto the posts, screw rail hangers onto the brackets, insert the fencing panels into the brackets, and secure them in place with screws. Set the gate between the gate posts, and secure it onto the posts with hinges.

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