How Do You Install Pump Switches?


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To install a pump switch, turn off the breaker to the pump switch, and use a voltage detector afterward to ensure it has been completely disconnected from a source of electricity. Then, disconnect the wiring to the pump switch. Close the pressure tank valve, and drain the pressure tank. If there is an old switch connected, remove it as well as the gauge. Install the new pump switch onto the pump nipple. Rewire the breaker, and power the pump.

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When replacing or installing a new pump switch, check the pressure range of the pump. Pump switches come in 20 to 40, 30 to 50 and 40 to 60 psi varieties. Installing a pump switch with the wrong rating can damage the pump.

It is helpful when removing the wiring to the pump breaker to label the wires. This makes it easy to rewire the device and helps avoid damaging the pump or the wires. Use an adjustable wrench and screwdriver to remove these parts.

To ensure the wiring is safe and to avoid the risk of getting shocked, use rubber handle pliers and a non-contact voltage detector when handling the pump breaker and wires. Whenever the pipe threads on the pump's nipple are exposed, cover them in Teflon tape so they do not become damaged.

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