How Do You Install a Pump for a Fish Pond?


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Installing a pond pump involves threading the pump's electrical cord through a length of PVC pipe cut to length, placing the PVC pipe in a trench, and positioning the pump within the pond before covering the trench in soil. Pond pumps serve to circulate water within a pond, and may be needed to operate a fountain or to provide fish with a more ideal environment. Submersible pond pumps are easy to install and are typically very reliable.

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The first step in the installation process is to place the pump into a dry pond. Place the pump on a block or a stack or rocks to ensure that it does not become clogged with dirt that may enter the pump from the bottom of the pond. The pump should sit above the level bottom surface of the pond and below the water level. Adjust the flexible tubing attached to the pump so that water flow is directed to the right areas and locations, and then clamp the hoses securely to the pump.

Attach electrical wire from the pump to an appropriate outlet. Ensure that the cord is not unprotected or laying in water, which can increase the risk of a short. Activate the pump and ensure it is able to operate without leaking before refilling the pond.

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