How Do You Install a Pulley Clothesline?


Line-and-pulley clotheslines are recommended for yards with limited space, according to True Value Projects. Installing a pulley clothesline involves choosing a location, installing anchor points and stringing up the line.

Find an area in your yard or a room in your home that is suitable for hanging clothes to dry, suggests True Value Projects. An ideal location is wide enough and does not have obstructions. Next, drill a starter hole into the first anchor point structure, such as a wall or the side of your house. The hole should be smaller than the diameter of the screw hooks. Screw in the hooks at the anchor points.

For clothesline hooks, use a power screwdriver to attach with screws. The last step is securing the clothesline pulleys to the screw hooks and threading the clothesline through both. Pull the line tightly to connect the clothesline's ends on the bottom rope, and connect both ends using a knot or clothesline tightener.

Be sure to purchase a clothesline that is twice the length of the distance between your two anchor points, notes True Value Projects. Select a durable clothesline, such as a flexible nylon or polyester line, that can withstand outdoor elements, if you plan to install it outside. Purchase clothesline separators to keep the top and bottom part of the line apart.