How Do You Install Pull-Down Attic Ladders?


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The process of installing a pull-down attic ladder involves creating an opening in the ceiling or removing the existing ladder, preparing the frame, and then positioning and mounting the pull-down ladder. Replace existing ladders that have worn frames or treads as they may pose a safety risk, and always select a ladder with the right weight capacity.

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How Do You Install Pull-Down Attic Ladders?
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After measuring and cutting a hole in the ceiling, install the ladder frame. Use an assistant to help lift the pull-down ladder into position and place it on temporary supports. Center the ladder within the frame, and insert shims around the perimeter to keep the ladder from shifting during installation. After extending the ladder, pre-drill holes at all locations specified within the ladder's instruction manual, and then install lag bolts at these locations. The bolts should extend through the frame and shims and into the attic joists.

After removing the temporary supports, test the operation and position of the ladder to ensure it reaches the ground when extended. Measure and cut ladders that are too long using a circular saw ensuring the bottom legs have the proper angle. After folding the ladder, install trim around the perimeter of the frame using finishing nails or other appropriate hardware to mount it into place.

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