How Do You Install a Propane Stove in a Basement Using Direct-Vent Technology?


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Install a direct-vent propane stove in the basement using a vent that rises to above ground level and then exits the outside wall. These stoves use a double-walled vent that allows air for combustion to enter through the opening between the walls and exhausts fumes through the center.

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Installing the vent requires cutting a 7-inch circular hole through the wall. The second requirement for the stove is the propane line to provide fuel. If the home does not already have a propane tank, the owner should install one.

Direct-vent stoves are a good choice for basements or other locations where there tends to be a lack of fresh air. They do not consume any of the air from the room and any products of combustion vent to the outside. In the basement, this allows heating without adding moisture to the air.

Direct-vent technology is available in several different types of stoves. Wall furnaces have an enclosed firebox that serves as a heat exchanger to warm the room. Direct-vent fireplaces allow the user to view the flames. Adding a blower helps to increase the heat distribution for large areas; however, most of these units continue to provide heat even if there is a power failure.

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