How Do You Install Porch Rails?

How Do You Install Porch Rails?

Install porch rails by making any necessary repairs to the porch and choosing the type of railing that works best. Install the posts and balustrades, and caulk around the rail's joints to complete the installation.

Before beginning the installation, choose the right kind of rails for the porch. Wooden railings are inexpensive and work well for Queen Anne Victorian homes as well as Georgian-style homes, states Metal railings last longer than wood and are an inexpensive way to add depth to a historical home. Synthetic railings are maintenance-free but only come in a limited number of styles.

Follow the steps below to install the rails.

  1. Prep the porch
  2. Make any necessary repairs to the porch before installing the rails. Check the flooring and siding.

  3. Prime the rails if necessary
  4. Determine if the rails need to be primed. In most cases, synthetic and metal rails already come primed, but check to be sure.

  5. Install the posts
  6. Install the vertical support posts called balusters. Be sure to secure them to the structure below the porch, not to the floorboards themselves.

  7. Measure
  8. Measure the distance between each baluster to determine the length the horizontal railings need to be.

  9. Install the balustrades
  10. Install the balustrades with screws or brackets. Always install them at a slight angle to allow water to drain off.

  11. Caulk
  12. After installing the rail, caulk around each joint. Paint the rail, if desired.